Grit and Grind

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For the working guy or gal who needs some extra exfoliant to get the dirt off their skin! Jam packed with all natural coffee, cinnamon and coconut, this soap will scrub you clean and leave you smelling divine!
And may we remind you, a scrub in the tub = water = giving families in Mukuni a chance to access fresh, clean water!
*Grit and Grind is vegan friendly*
Since coffee is loaded full of antioxidants, the coffee found in this soap will have your skin looking more radiant than it ever has before! It also protects against UV exposure and some skin cancers by inhibiting a protein enzyme in skin, woo science! Coffee helps to reduce the look dark spots and scars while also packing a powerful exfoliating punch!
Cinnamon is another power ingredient! Cinnamon is known for its ability to reduce acne and pimples, enhance the complextion, hydrate skin, banish fine lines and much more! Like coffee, cinnamon also provides tons of exfoliation to get rid of any gunk on your skin. Cinnamon is a little used beauty ninja, you won't want to miss out!