Zambian Community Partnerships

Join us on our adventure to meaningful impact!

Clean water and proper sanitation are the building blocks to prosperity in the Mukuni region. Healthy children can go to school and healthy adults can raise their kids and be active members in the community.

In Zambia, 5 million people are without clean water and 8 million go without access to adequate sanitation everyday. 1000 children die every year from diarrhoea in Zambia alone.

Soap2Hope has partnered with The Butterfly Tree  charity to help the people of the Mukuni villages gain employment and build the infrastructure they need for clean water and sanitation. Each bar of soap or curio you buy from us goes directly to helping fund these projects, specifically building toilet facilities and bore holes.

Yet, you can’t have healthy communities if you don’t pair clean water with soap! To supply Mukalahani with the soap they need, we’ve partnered with Pure Skills, a social enterprise based in Livingstone Zambia that employs local women and teaches them soap making techniques.

We at Soap2Hope are also keen to create employment opportunities for the locals in the Mukuni Chiefdom. So far we have partnered with local artists to make us jewelry and our hand carved soap dishes! By bringing them business and compensating them with fair prices for their wares so they can provide for their families.

This journey to prosperity in the Mukuni Chiefdom starts with YOU!